Jewellery Care

Please Take Care of Your Jewellery

  • We recommend avoiding direct contact with perfume, hairspray, lotions, deodorant or any beauty products. The ingredients in these products can tarnish or damage jewellery, removing its luster.
  • Avoid wearing your jewellery in the shower, swimming pool or at the gym.
  • Wipe your jewellery with a soft cloth following wear. This helps to prevent build-up of oils and perspiration.
  • Clean your jewellery regularly with warm water and mild soap by gently scrubbing it with a soft toothbrush. Dry it with a soft, microfiber cloth.
  • Please DO NOT use a toothbrush and soap when cleaning your pearl jewellery. Gently wipe it with a soft cloth before putting them away. See our Pearl Care section below.
  • Always store each piece separately in fabric jewellery boxes or pouches.
  • Always put on your jewellery once you are groomed and dressed, it should be the finishing touch!

Pearl Care

  • Pearls are organic gemstones; they are very delicate and therefore should be handled with extreme care.
  • All pearls are originally born in the water; therefore DO NOT store pearls in plastic bag or in a hot environment this type of storage could cause pearls to crack.
  • To preserve your pearls in their best condition, you must avoid contact with cosmetics, lotions, hairspray or perfume. Your natural body oil helps maintain pearls' luster and beauty; therefore enjoy wearing them often!