About Us

SARDONNA is a fine jewellery brand and was founded by Sardonna Tsui and Johnathan Poon. Sardonna is a jewellery designer and certified GIA Gemologist. Johnathan is a goldsmith and stone setter. Our jewellery are inspired by feminine shapes found in objects of art and the beauty of nature, it specializes in using high quality precious metals and gemstones. 

Jewellery that Makes You Shine!

The brand is based on creativity and passion for elegance and beauty. It is also about an obsession in appreciating intricate details. Those qualities are what drive us to create what truly fascinating collections. We strongly believe that everyone deserves to feel and look elegantly beautiful so we strive to bring our customers unique jewellery that makes them shine!

The Art of Craftsmanship

Every single piece is handcrafted carefully using precious metals and gemstones. Our craftsmen are all professionals in the art of jewellery creation, taking great care to make each piece to perfection.

Our Story

  We have known each other since we met in elementary school, both of us developed the same passion for jewels, precious metals and design and over the years, we fell in love and eventually got married.
While both of us majored in jewellery, we specialized in different fields and aspects within the industry. We believe that working together, we are a perfect team and our synergy enables us to create timeless, magical pieces of art.